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A platform for innovators and entrepreneurs who are looking for companies who can cater to their specific needs and for members of the innovation sector to showcase their services.

In essence, we are a global platform for innovators, entrepreneurs and advertising, based on Merseyside.

Our aim is to make the innovation world more accessible to innovators and entrepreneurs and to give the innovation sector more opportunities to showcase their services to allow for a more collaborative structure.


We believe our directory could help you plan your journey within innovation with a more informed pathway.


``My passion is not only innovation, but also to help others achieve their goals``.
Managing Director
Tom Pearman.


We want you to have the best possible chance to succeed.


We have teamed up with Me, myself & ideas, (MMI) who offer FREE support for you and your new idea.

Our mission:

Pearmantra Innovations is all about innovation and collaboration.

We’re dedicated in bringing the innovation industry to everyone.

We encourage collaboration with trusted companies to make innovation more accessible.

We bridge the gap between the innovation industry of today and the innovators of tomorrow.

I started my journey of innovation back in the 90’s. Due to lack of knowledge and resources I lost two products that are now in the marketplace. I picked up the baton again in January 2017. Learning from my previous mistakes, I hit the ground running. I got to know the industry, who the players are and what their companies do. This is what has spurred me on now to fulfil my potential and help others fulfil theirs. I am still going through the process of bringing a product to the marketplace so I understand the difficulties you may find and the struggles that lay ahead

Tom Pearman,

Managing Director

We aim to lessen your struggle and offer a more informed pathway.

We want you to succeed in your journey.

Far too many people decide to give up due to lack of resources and knowledge.

We hope with our directory, you can follow the path you were meant to be on.


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