Why Upgrade?

  • By adding Promotional Videos to your business listing page each month gives more insights into your company brand, products, services, discounts or latest news.
  • You will be getting ahead of the game as we also promote your business with weekly posts to all ours and our sister companies SM accounts, groups and hashtags, with a global outreach of over 200,000,000 members and followers.
  • It will make your page more appealing to visitors.
  • You can change your video weekly, (for example) if your discount or promotion ends.
  • You get a 10% discount for proceeding months in a single purchase.

How it works!

  • Choose the package that suits you, (not forgetting the 10% discount).
  • Promo Videos will need to be streamed via YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Provide us with the video link, referencing your company name.
  • Your promo video will need to be reviewed and approved in time to be published.
  • All new promotions will be published on the the day you get your link to us, (if before 5pm – After 5pm your video will be published the next working day).
  • Video changes will be published on a Monday between 5pm and 6pm
  • Your video will need to be in 48hrs before.
  • Any videos that arrive late, run the risk of losing days (which are non refundable).

Promotional Video Package

  • Monthly Promo Video.
  • 10% discount for proceeding months in a single purchase.
  • 1 x Video per time.
  • Video will be displayed on your listing page.
  • You can change your promo video weekly.
  • Changes will be imported on a Monday between 5pm and 6pm.

Set up your promo video upgrade

Save when you purchase more

See below for Vimeo and YouTube examples.


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